Work Parties - 2003/2004 - Part 1

Work Party #1

August 21-24, 2003 Thursday - The 3 of us (Dan and Roxane Withers and Royal Journey, of Port Ludlow, WA) were small but mighty. We flew from SEATAC to OAK(land) on Thursday. We arrived out in the Sacramento Delta just in time for a giant lightning and rain downpour. That was an exciting sight. We arrived at the boat before dark to make up a list of must have items for the evening trip to Lowe's and West Marine.

August 23, 2003 Friday - With the shopping spree behind us and the rental van full of items we headed back to the boat. Following the storm the power was still out in the area, so we worked around it with projects using light coming in the hatches. The primary job was to get some emergency caulking completed and some paint over an ugly area. We got the crews berthing area cleaned up and some of the pipe rack mounting fixtures in place for temporary use of the racks for sleeping on the trip up. Since the power was out and we were pooped out we left for the hotel in Antioch. On his way through Rio Vista, a high school buddy, George Burton, who retired from the USCG, dropped off another pipe frame moving the collection up to four. Thanks George.

August 24, 2003 Saturday - The power was restored and the shop vac was running non-stop most of the day. We got lots of little cleanup projects completed and designed little parts that would be needed before the trip North.

August 25, 2003 Sunday - We were joined by George Schneider who has been underway with the boat before and he helped with some engine room cleanup and added to the "must do" and "must have" list.

Work Party #2

September 12-14, 2003 - Three of us (Dan, Roxane and Royal) flew to Sacramento, CA and met Marc Bracken who drove down with parts and tools. On Saturday we were met by Tom Huston (a local PTF veteran) who pitched in on designing a solution for the 18" hatch locking mechanisms that needed changing. Added blue barrels picked up by Marc. Started installing the 12v bilge pumps.
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Parts and Tools Arrive Local Kids Cooling Off After A Hard Day At School
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Work Party Arrives Early Morning Dan in Engine Room Two Types of DD671's

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Tom Saving The Day HP Engineering on the Hatchways Parts From Different Boats Don't Align Adjustments Made
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Easy Fix - New Oil Exchangers Clogged Who Knows? Water in Starb. Tranny
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Easily Cleaned Junk Everywhere Exhangers Cleaned Other Exchanger
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Barrels on board   Shoe Laces in the Intake 1000 Gal. of Barrels
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Center of Gravity   New Sole for Fuel Cell Room Royal and Roxanne Sealing The Deck
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    Dan Reading Plans Custom Sole Making
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Oakland Barrel Store     Fuel Drums in the Galley
Sony 091503 119.jpg (82026 bytes)


Work Party #3

Nov 14-16, 2003      Add props and tank room work ... This work party saw the completion of the 12v bilge pumps. The thru-hull fittings were installed and all hoses connected and tested. The 12v wiring was added to allow each pump to have a circuit of its own and be fused individually. The correct fuse panels were ordered the week following the party and will replace the mickey mouse fuse setup that I left it with.

Because it was a rainy weekend we did get some white canvas (plastic) tarp up to allow us to run between the engine room and the enclosed bridge. Because it was raining so hard we were able to see a lot of leaks and we got most of them covered, caulked or somehow resolved. Some are in line for future fixes. The bilge pumps will take care of this little water.

Much of the time was spent getting rid of some oil filled barrel's that were "haunting" our progress. We got them pumped out to an "oil recycle barrel" and cut the barrels in half and cleaned them out with "kitty litter." The barrels were discarded at a local "transfer station."


Work Party #4

Dec 5th & 6th, 2003 Dan and Marc attacked the bilge pump fusing circuit and installed the new fuse holder and tested all circuits. All pumps were pumping water. The second task was to start the 18" hatch cover modifications to provide a solid water seal. The actual hatch covers have been replaced along the way and they do not seal properly. The third task was to review the state of the Pannish Controls Throttle and Shift controller mechanism. It seems that the internal shifter control was removed or never installed. A replacement was acquired by the previous owner, but never connected. We removed the control box and shipped it as luggage in our pre-assembled wooden box.

Tarps to keep the outside work space dry. Checking Fuses  
Dan grinding on hatch Measuring Inserting a spacer to change alignment  

Work Party #5

Feb 5-12, 2004 Dan, Roxane and Chuck Fowler worked on hatches and cleanup in the forward crew compartment.  Friday we visited the Museum at Travis AFB.


Dan and Marc attacked the bilge pump fusing circuit and installed the new fuse holder and tested all circuits. All pumps were pumping water.


Greg Brazils, restored WWII Crash Rescue Boat near Rio Vista

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