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Stuff We Need for the 83527

  Our list of "STUFF' needed is growing. Watch here as the list is added. Maybe you know of a solution that we haven't considered.

If you can assist with any of these requests contact me, Dan Withers at 206-947-2303.

or make tax deductible donations to CCoA:


Combatant Craft of America
1400 E. Ludlow Ridge Road
Port Ludlow, WA 98365

Things Needed
Enclosed Flying Bridge Frame and Canvas  

We need to replace the existing wood and plexiglas frame that was built for the trip up the coast.  Any help with that would be appreciated.
Canvas Layout Photos

Bunk Rails   These are needed for sleeping on the trip up. There were two rails left, one with the canvass center, rotten, but installed.
    - Another one was provided by George Burton, former USCG ETC  

Solved, Frames Made

   Eight additional frames were manufactured and donated by Wink Weber (83484) at:
    H&W Fire Trucks, Emergency & Rescue Vehicles
3150 SW 234th AVe.
HIllsboro, OR 97123
If you live in the Puget Sound Area and have some time to help, these 8 frames need primered and painted. I can arrange to get them to wherever they need to go. Soon the canvass centers will be sewn and the brass eyelets will need inserted.

Transmission   I know its odd, but the two transmissions have different gear ratios. That will require us to run the two engines at different speeds. Someday we hope to get them match up.

Compass   We can get any old compass for navigation, but we are looking for two "period representative" compass. One for the flying bridge and one for the enclosed bridge. The original boats had two 7" compasses.

Fuel   The trip up the coast was about 1070 miles at 1 gal/mile. At $2.00/gal, well you see the necessity. The "83 Footer Sailors" agreed to promote a program to raise pledges for the fuel money. they successfully raised $1250 for the fund. Two additional donors closed the gap at $500 and $300 each.  As you can see we have filled the tank on the HOME page.

Fire Extinguishers   If anyone has a Puget Sound connection for signing off the CO2 extinguishers that would be a great cost savings.

Control Cables   Panish Controls has agreed to build two cables for the throttle and shift control head in the enclosed bridge. This will allow us to be out of the weather during any of our travels. They provided the control systems for the 83 footers. Their website has a bit of that history. Rob Panish is the current owner and grandson of the founders.

Alternator & Bracket   There aren't any 12v belt driven alternators on board to charge the starter and house batteries. We need to build or find some brackets similar to those shown in the attached photos. Then a pair of 12v internally regulated "one wire" alternators can be added.

Mapping Software   A request to Maptech was answered with a copy of their Marine Navigator package, including the San Francisco to Cape Flattery Charts and Contour 3-D Charts. Many thanks to them for this contribution.