2008 Activities

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Summer 2008 Activities 


 83527 art by Dan Two leftover winter scenes. High water at the moorage. The ramp is going downhill. Two 83 footers on patrol. A painting done for me by my friend, Jim Gray, Covina, CA.  

Coming out of Winter Results


This is the MildredW, former CG83451 in her final days in Everett, WA

Early Summer painting and preparation for Tall Ships

Getting off the winter cover and starting to paint.


Finish the hull painting. Two coats of Marine Enamel White. Gloss Black numbers.


The mast was stripped, sanded and painted Marine Spar Buff.


Wink Weber  made up 8 bunk rails for the crew quarters. We got them assembled and installed. The flying bridge console area was stripped of un-needed hardware and refurbished.


The mast guy wires were re-painted. John Sidorek from Dallas, PA spent two weeks helping rework all of the ships electrical. This included removing the old breakers from the pilot house panel and installing a modern breaker panel.


Before the mast painting, all of the old electrical wires were removed, as were the old unused electrical boxes. John installed a new set of circuits that ran on one cable to power the two spreader lights (110v), the anchor light (12v), a forward and aft deck spot light (110v) and a 12v aft spotlight. There was also a circuit for the speaker on an electronic fog horn.


Many of the unused cables and wires were removed from the electrical trunk at the rear of the pilot house. A 12v breaker panel was installed with circuits to handle the radar, radios, 12v lighting, 12v nav lights (P & S) and anything else that needed some 12v. This includes a circuit for the 12v air horn valve. Yes, the old horn is driven from a small compressor in the engine room.


The March 2008 Newsletter is HERE


CG Heritage Fleet Parade

Chuck Fowler and Combatant Craft of America with the cooperation of Coast Guard Seattle created the CG Heritage Fleet parade. (Lots of photos here) It was our chance to welcome the CG Eagle during her one day stay in Seattle while en-route to Tacoma for the Tall Ships Tacoma 2008 event, starting July 2nd.

Overnight in Gig Harbor


Wednesday was spent traveling to Gig Harbor for the night. We could not get landed at the planned dock due to side winds, so we grabbed a slip at the Seattle Yacht Club Outstation moorage.

Tall Ships Parade and Shore-side Exhibits

Press Release announcing the 83527 to Escort the USCG Eagle into Tacoma.


Sights around Tacoma during the parade.


Tied up a the Dock Street Marina, just out from the Museum of Glass, Tacoma.


Leaving Tacoma and Tall Ships 08 for Everett


Tacoma and Mt Rainer scenes on the way out.

John Sidorek on the helm, northbound.


OOps, about Mulkiteo, 30 minutes from Everett, the starboard engine over rev-ed. Here is what we saw. The shaft  coupler had parted from the transmission flange. It seem that the 6 bolts had sheered off and the shaft "windmilled" back until it hit the crossmember, keeping it from hitting the rudder. We continued on our way to the Everett marina on the old trusty Port engine. Two threaded rods and three hours later we got it pulled up and new bolts added. Then we were back underway for the home moorage. We got there just at sundown

Now we are ready to do something else for a few weeks after the full court press it took to be ready for Tall Ships 08.

October 2008 Newsletter HERE

Visited PT-658 in Portland, OR before the Thanksgiving Holiday to review their add-on air shift system.

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