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83527 Ships Log for 2006


May Engine Install - replacing the dead Starboard engine.

Removing the engine room deck plug.

Getting some green paint on the engine  before installation.


At the Port of Everett Dock with POE crane.

Engine bay ready.

Swinging her in.


Getting her mounted.


Modified motor mounts.


In goes another transmission too.


Hooking up the cooling water system.


Spare port engine in Dan's garage.

Royal Journey ready for sea trials.

We hosted a great D-Day celebration on Lake Union. Read about the activities here -> June 1 2006 D-Day Heritage Event  and  D-Day E-mailer

August 17 - We took delivery of a 12' Duroboat from Duroboat (The World's Finest Aluminum Fishing Boats) owner Larry McPhail. He brought the boat over on his pickup and we got it in the water, then aboard the 83527.

Larry on the dock.

John Sideorek holding and Mike Mallet in the boat.

Larry and friend Martin Geisler.

Larry and John enjoying the day. Underway with the Duroboat at ready.


Received 83411 photos from Bob McCarty. View them HERE. Received good photo from Dave Drum in channel. October - Received the Handy Billy pump at the 83 foot Sailors reunion party. Received this 83527 photo in the river near our dock. Found this Northland photo with 83527 in background.
Dec 8th - Received plans for 83 foot model on ebay        
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