Spring 2005 Projects and Progress

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83527 Ships Log for Spring of 2005



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April  2005

1st --  - Met Len Brue

2nd - did a valve adjustment with Len Brue on the port engine after the head was reinstalled

5th -  Visited Gary Duff in Seattle and got a 6-71 injector adjustment tool.

10th -  Jerry Tredder in town to look at sites for the P-520 visit.

13th - Received set of Photos from Mark Freeman of Fremont Tug

18th -  Installed the aluminum straps at the edge of the spray shield and pilot house. that cleaned up the high "ugly" factor where they met.
Received a copy of Chuck Fowlers article in SEA magazine
23rd -  Sat -Engine Testing in Port Ludlow.
24th-  Painted hull numbers on Port side

May 2005

1st -  Hillman finished cleat. Fowler painted Spar Buff
2nd -  Continued painting the stbd sides
6th - Moved from Port Ludlow to Lake Union through the locks to Fremont Tugs docks.
7th - Participated in the Seattle Yacht Club Opening Day Parade
10th -  - Received photos from my friend Bob Bowline from the parade.

Fowler Opening Day photos

11th - Received photos from Marshall Eakes
12th - Boat preparation with Dick Craig. Heading for Olympia tomorrow.
13th  - Engine died and crunched a boat at fuel dock. Late start for Olympia. Stbd engine dies outside the locks and will not re-start. Off we go to Olympia on one engine. Arrived at 23:30 at Port of Olympia dock. Met by Fowler and Robin Patterson.
14th -  Oil spill fiasco. Olympia Wooden Boat Fair.
15th -  Cleaned bilges
16th -  Robin Patterson helped with bilge clean up and water removal. Called state guy to indicate cleanup completed.
17th -  Purchased a pair of universal windshield wiper motors for the bridge windows. After running in the rain at night I was motivated to solve this.
18th -  Worked with Royal Journey on a 20mm cannon mock up.
19th -  Ordered an 9" brass bell from an Ebay store.
20th -  Moved boat to the Olympia Swantown Marina.
21st and 22nd -  Olympia Chowder Fest
26th -  Ships bell arrived today
27th - Leave Marina today and move back to Port Plaza, Olympia
28th-31st -  Holding at port Plaza

June 2005

June 3 - Departed Olympia, headed for Edmonds. Long day on one engine. Got assistance docking at Edmonds.
4 & 5th - Edmonds festival
6th - 10th -  stayed at Edmonds. Moved to Everett, Steamboat Slew. Mike joined us with the "Vessel Assist" boat, just in case.
13th - I got fuel system drawings completed.
22nd - Heard that Indiana Army Surplus had 20mm parts available.
23rd - Received information about the WWII 60th anniversary celebration in Vancouver, WA.
25th - Had the COI (Certificate of Inspection) inspection by the Coast Guard for Tall Ships event.
27th - Move from Everett to Gig Harbor.
28th-29th - Open house at Gig Harbor. Brad Peterson and Terry Keel arrive.
30th - Parade of Sail      

July 2005

1st - Tall Ships event      
2nd - Saturday - Tall ships in morning. Leave for Lake Union and CWB (Center for Wooden Boats) Wooden Boat Festival.
3rd & 4th - CWB openhouse and fireworks.
5th - 8th - left boat at CWB. Received photos of Angler II on email.
9th - moved boat from CWB to Everett. Got a late start arrived at 10:30 PM. Tied up to Les's tug.
10th-14th -  Working on replacement engine options.
15th - Flew to Long Beach, CA to visit donated engines.
-+23rd - started painting on signaling searchlights, dock ladder and more sparbuff.
29th - continued painting on signaling search lights and pilot house
(Insert engines from Long Beach CA here.)

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