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Coast Guard Heritage Fleet Escort 

Chuck Fowler and Combatant Craft of America with the cooperation of Coast Guard Seattle created the CG Heritage Fleet parade. It was our chance to welcome the CG Eagle during her one day stay in Seattle while en-route to Tacoma for the Tall Ships Tacoma 2008 event, starting July 2nd.

Press Release:  Coast Guard Heritage Fleet to Escort Training Square-Rigger Eagle

Press Release: Tacoma’s World War II Era Coast Guard Cutter to Escort Square-Rigger Eagle into City

Coast Guard Heritage Fleet Escort the Eagle

The hearty crew of the 83527 underway from Everett to Seattle, via Edmonds and a photo shoot with the Eagle. Our crew welcomed two gentlemen from the Liberty HS jrNROTC. They earned their way by painting and general help around the boat during the cleanup.


The 82 footer is the former Point Divide, now the Maritime Instructor from Seattle Maritime Institute.


Underway photos and Dan busy defending the boat with the 20mm, then a nap.


The parade underway from Shilshole to Harbor Island.


Chuck Fowler in the photo boat.

The 83527 as guests of the Port of Seattle at the Bell Harbor Marina, downtown Seattle for the night.


Observations from Capt Mark Freeman from the Blueberry.

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       Good Afternoon from the hot and sunny Pacific Northwest, I started this on the 4th when it was cloudy.

        Happy 4th of July and we hope you survived the Fourth. More on that in next e-mail. We got our big escort job of the year, pay was good too. At noon on the 2nd Margie, Capt. Erik, Adair, Al, Keegan and I got under way with the BLUEBERRY to meet the USCG EAGLE at West Point and escort her with CG 83527, MARITIME INSTRUCTOR , fire boat LESCHI and the USCG ORCAS into Seattle Harbor.  We had a great time; Chuck Fowler who put this all together met us off Golden Gardens in a USCG 26116 - a go fast aluminum boat that he boarded at Edmonds. We tied them alongside for 5 minutes and gave them the grand tour of the BLUEBERRY and presented the OINC a BLUEBERRY cap and pin and away they went, blue light flashing. We mounted our 50 on the forward deck so we were ready for anything.  Forming up behind the LESCHI at West Point we took off in line with CG83527 following us and behind her was MARITIME INSTRUCTOR (ex POINT DIVIDE) brought up by the active COAST GUARD CUTTER ORCAS and behind her was the EAGLE. It made quite a sight, although it was a little hazy and I wasn't happy with some of the pictures but we were strung out a long ways.

Chuck took pictures and I will share with you when I receive them.  LESCHI turned on her monitors at Pier 91 and the city disappeared in the mist. Nothing like having a new fireboat, very impressive.  The COAST GUARD had 2 helicopters doing maneuvers flying back and forth. The parade came down alongside the Seattle waterfront and the EAGLE anchored up off the container docks just north of pier 36 with 9 shots of chain out. Capt. Erik asked permission from the ORCAS to slide by the EAGLE to take pictures which was granted. After the picture taking was over we headed for the locks and home.  It was a great day very little wind, warm and we all had a wonderful time and of course lots to eat. Capt. Erik ran the BLUEBERRY and that was the first time in my life to go thru the Locks sitting in a deck chair.  Of course Lockmaster Chuck Gillespie picked on me over the loud hailer for sitting on my duff, but that of course makes it that much more fun.



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