General Layout of the 83527

Hull Characteristics
Length:   83 feet
Tonnage:   54 tons
Beam:   16 feet 2 inches
Draft:   5 foot 4 inches
Hull Framing:   All Sawn Oak 2 1/4" X 2" on 12" centers tied by floor timbers, bilge clamps and bilge stringers
Hull Planking:   Bottom 1 5/8" Carvel Ceder planked with #12 and #10 silicon bronze fasteners.
Keelson:   Heavy sawn wood
Keel:   Heavy sawn scarfed wood
Stem:   Formed Oak and forefoot
Chine:   Displacement hull round bilge
Deck Beams:   Wood
Decks:   Wood
House Const:   Fir framing and plywood
Bulkheads:   Plywood Bulkheads, three watertight
Escape Hatch:   Seven total
General Const:   A heavy wood framed and planked hull to BU PERS standards
Trim:   Paint
Interior Layout


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1 Lazarette - Steering, Rudder Porch, Struts and Storage
2 Storage - Fresh Water, Central Fire Ext, General Storage
3 Engine Room - Engines, Generators, Pumps, Bilge
4 Fuel Tank Room - 3 Fuel Tanks for 1997 Gal total
5a Crews Mess/Officers Stateroom - Starboard View
5b Crews Mess/Officers Stateroom - Port View
6 Crews Quarters - Pipe Rail bunks and Armory
7 Forward Head and Chain Locker
8 Wheelhouse - Bridge, Controls and Navigation
The above drawing is not for this hull number, but similar enough to display the Interior Arrangement.

Lines and Offsets Drawing
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Ships Model Layout