Letter from Chief Annas

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Chief Annas Letter
08/19/04 Thursday - The following letter from Chief Annas was in the mail pile from July 15th.

15 July 2004

Ref: CG 83527

I relieved Ltjg Frank Ryman on the boat about 1952. I think that that was the first 83 to be under an OinC in the 13th District. At the time there were 83's in Astoria. Pt. Angeles, Pt Townsend and Bellingham also. The Astoria and Pt. Angeles (boats) were later moved to Pt. Townsend to serve as harbor entrance patrol. The 527 had to relieve on occasion.

A small list of the 11 man crew;
Ltjg Frank Ryman
Walter J. Annas BMC
Pat Wendland BM1
Wallace Ford BM1
Louis LeFevre GM2
Myron Hillman (now living Pt. Townsend) 
Davis CS2
Deptwa EN2
Alban K. Chinn SN
Donald Burkenbine EN I (deceased)

Of course not all of the above were aboard at the same time.

Some of the event's that come to mind.

We patrolled several Gold Cup hydroplane races on Lake Washington while the Slo-mo-shun's were in power. .

Provided water to the Vashon fire dept. when a waterfront home was ablaze. We had a P-500 pump loaned and later given by USN Tacoma. Sent a 4 inch hose ashore with a wye gate which the fire dept. hooked on two 2112 inch lines. Extinguished a railroad trestle fire at Steilacoom waterway.

Rescued two suicide jumpers, one from Tacoma narrows bridge (later died) and the other from 11th street bridge over City waterway. No medals awarded.

We were required to visit Strait of Juan de Fuca to exercise the 20mm cannon and the ahead thrown ASW weapon on a quarterly basis.

Gave safety equipment inspection to between 500 to 750 boats a year and numerous assists.

The Tacoma Yacht club asked the District to have us moor there during the marine Daffodil time. As you probably know, the dry exhaust pipes backfire make a cannon sound quiet while starting. The yacht club is sided by a hill and the smelter slag pile. The startled (it was 0600) visitors came out in all stages of dress and undress. Needless to say we were never asked to return.

The radios never seemed to work properly in the Tacoma area so the Tacoma police loaned a police unit which was installed in the sonar room.

Cooperation with the FBI consisted of a night search for McNeil (spelling?) Island escapees with negative results and stopping a freighter to put aboard 2 agents to apprehend a stowaway,

Am sending a photo taken at the Ballard locks with the Relief Lightship and CG Base building in the background, Note the ready ammunition boxes for the ASW hedgehogs, The 20mm ammo boxes are not visible. Depth charge racks were installed on each side and 2 on each quarter. No depth charges carried.

Somewhere in my junk I have 10" x 12" CG photos of 527 and 2 other 83 's. When located will send them on.

If the memory is OK, on the full power trials we made 12 kts. At 1200 rpm and used 100 gals. of gas per hour.

I was later assigned as OinC of the Pt. Bennett and the Pt. Countess and they were much more luxurious than the open steering of the 527.

Walter J. Annas BMCM USCG (ret) 
31 McAlmond St. 
Sequim. Wa. 98382