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April 1, 2008 

Hello 83Footer Sailors and Friends: 

I just wanted to set down and update you on the CG-83527. We spent most of the summer last year in the yard at Port Townsend repairing some damage to the starboard running gear after hitting a submerged “object” while underway. All of that is now repaired and while we were hauled out we “burned” off 60 years of white paint and patched up the problem areas. We will get the final coat of paint on this spring and be ready for another year of visits to Puget Sound Ports of Call for public exhibit.
You may have heard the Coast Guard barque Eagle, “America’s Tall Ship,” will be in Tacoma, WA next Independence Day/4th of July weekend for the city’s major Tall Ships Challenge event. The Eagle has not visited Puget Sound for nearly 30 years so its long-awaited appearance this summer will be very significant.

It will be very appropriate to have Tacoma’s and Puget Sound’s restored World War II era Coast Guard patrol boat front and center as part of this historic maritime event. During the spectacular July 3rd Parade of Sail welcome to Tacoma we will be leading the Eagle and the other 25 or more traditional sailing vessels expected to participate and also be on public exhibit for the hundreds of thousands who will see and attend the four day event. 

If any of the 83Foot Sailors are interested in helping us get her ready and have an interest in our work parties, please let me know by email or call 206-947-2303. 

We are not only restoring an historic Coast Guard boat, but we are restoring and building public awareness and appreciation for the service of thousands of “sea service” veterans, civilian support workers and today’s active duty men and women serving stateside and around the world.

Thank you for your past and hopefully continuing support for this historical restoration effort, and participation in this very significant “Year of the Eagle” in Puget Sound. We can always use more help in the form of time, money or skills to get her further along in the restoration. Remember it costs us $4.00 per mile just for fuel to move her around. Our annual minimum operating costs are $12,500 just to sit at the dock. Your help will be appreciated.



Contributions can be made to:
Combatant Craft of America
1400 E. Ludlow Ridge Road
Port Ludlow WA 98365

or for Paypal Account information

Dan and Roxane Withers

Model of  the 83527 and 83366
(CG-11) constructed by Johnnie Ridgeway a Seattle Modeler.
83527 ready to go back in the water with a
new coat of primer and bottom paint.
83527 tied up at the Everett Marina at Sunset.

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