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Joseph A. Wright letter and photo:


This first letter (image) was written by, now deceased, Eric H. Wall, former skipper of the 83453 in Port Townsend, WA.


This follow up letter outlines some more of the history of Eric Wall.

PO Box 573
Edenton, NC 27932

January 26, 2005

Dear Sir:

Please find here with a photo and a letter. I donate them to you to use as you see fit, including their disposal should you have no use for them.

Eric Wall, as well as myself, grew up in Norfolk, Virginia, where we raced sailboats and otherwise hung out around the waterfront. Upon graduation from high school in 1949 he attended Hampton-Sidney College, Farmville, VA. while I attended the Norfolk Division of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and later V.P.I. in Blacksburg, CA. Upon graduating in 1953 Eric earned an appointment to Coast Guard Officer's Candidate School at the C.G. Academy in New London, CT. Upon my graduation in 1954, I did the same.

Following OCS, Mr. Wall was stationed on the Coast Guard Cutter Northwind and later, while still an Ensign, was appointed Commanding Officer of CG-83453, assigned to Port Security and other patrols in Puget Sound. The CG83453 was moored at Port Townsend, WA. Mr. Wall speaking several European languages from birth, along with his small boat experience, contributed to his early appointment as a Commanding Officer in my opinion.

Upon Discharge from initial Active Duty Mr. Wall settled in Seattle and finally retired from the C.G. Reserve as a Commander.

Upon my graduating OCS I was stationed to the Coast Guard Industrial Base at Mobile, AL, as my college degree was Industrial Engineering. After about a year I requested Sea Duty and was stationed in the Cutter Mendota (WPG-69), primarily conducting North Atlantic Weather Patrols. Upon completing my initial active duty I also stayed in the C.G. reserve and finally retired as a Commander.

Thank you for allowing me to contribute the enclosed lettr and photo to your organization.

Yours Sincerely,

Joseph A Wright, Jr. CDR, USCGR (Ret)

P.S. Mr Wall passed away in December, 2002 (I think it was) and his children still live in the Seattle area. - jw