83527 in Tacoma

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83527 in Tacoma in the 1950's

      Ed Young and Donnie Wilderman  

08-08-08   Hi Dan, I found Alban K Chinn on the whitepages. I left the 527 in August 1955 that was the last time we saw each other. We talked on the phone and he was interested in coming up to visit and I told him about the Tall Ships so the timing was good. He arrived on July 3rd with his family and left for Monterey Park, Ca. on the 5th of July. On the 4th we left his hotel early and met Tike [Hillman] at his house for a visit then we all left for [Chief] Walt Annis's house at Sequim. We had a great time with those guys then we caught the ferry at Bainbridge for Seattle where we finished off the day and got back to Tacoma late. The guy in the picture with me on the fan tail is Donnie Wilderman,  Walt remembered it.

The 527 looks really great. Will be in touch.

Ed Young, Puyallup, WA